We are...

  • about the whole transition – the emotions, memories & family dynamics.

  • about managing (and yes, removing some of) your lifetime possessions to
    maximize storage & enhance appeal without clutter or danger to you.

  • about the bathroom floor rug (the one without backing) that won’t come with you to your new home because it’s simply not safe.

  • about you not randomly disposing of items without first asking your children because they may represent treasured childhood memories.

  • about touching & handling the disposition of all of the other stuff you are NOT taking with you.

  • about the expired prescription bottles or jars of salad dressing that are 10 years old and should be tossed for safety.

  • about encouraging you to donate the glass coffee table with sharp edges because you have already fallen 3 times, you have macular degeneration & the clear tabletop is not easily navigated by you.

  • about hanging shelves for mementos because your wall unit will not fit & you desperately want to display your cherished family photos.

  • about the TOTAL picture & the TOTAL person.

  • about ethics, compassion, efficiency, organization, safety & responsiveness to your needs & wants.

  • about less stress, a single point of contact throughout the move & regarding you as our family.

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