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RightSize Transitions Seminar

  • Patricia Lindley Performing Arts Center, Wellington High School Campus 627 North Main St. Wellington, OH 44090 USA (map)

What is a RightSize Transitions Seminar?

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It is a FREE seminar specifically for that 55 and older homeowner who has reached the stage in their lives where they are thinking about retirement and about what’s next on the horizon. No one suddenly receives a “How To” manual on planning the rest of your older adult life in order to protect and safeguard your assets as well as your personal wishes about Advanced Medical Directives, leaving behind something for your children or other family, etc. Just as one should plan for retirement to maximize their financial picture in affording a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle, one should also plan ahead of time to downsize or “RightSize” as we like to call it in the industry.

A RightSize Transitions Seminar is a premier seminar is dedicated to empowering older adults with the right information to enable them to make the best decisions while moving through their later life transition.

A RightSize Transition Seminar addresses these questions with experts in five major areas of transition all gathered in one space to give the RightSizing consumer valuable advice, resources and trusted partners to help guide you through the Legal, Financial, Residential, Emotional and Medical aspects of this challenging transition. 

Registration is required for the event. Please fill out the form below and Submit.

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